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A Quiet Place


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PAGE #12

Non-inspirational poems


  A Serene Scene.

Tall trees reaching for the sun.

Tree ferns spreading their fronds,

Beneath the canopy of the trees.

Colourful birds flitting amongst the leaves.

Musical sounds filling the air.

The distinctive call of bellbirds

Ringing through the forest.

Water rippling over rocks

Creating little waterfalls.

The sun breaking through

A gap in the treetops

Sends a beam of light

Onto the forest floor.

Dust particles in the beam of sunlight,

Create colours of the rainbow.

A beautiful place is this.

A place to rest body and soul.


    Come Out And Play.

Come out, come out, smiles the sun,

Its such a beautiful day to play.

Come out, come out, whispers the breeze,

As it rattles the windowpanes.

Come out, come out, call the birds,

As they fly overhead.

Come out, come out, burbles the little brook,

As runs through the garden.

Come out, come out, barks the friendly dog,

As he wags his bushy tail.

Were coming out, laugh the little children

Out the play in the sunshine,

On this beautiful day.

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