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A Quiet Place


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There is a stirring in the air.

Birds nesting in the trees.

Buds appearing on the branches.

Green shoots pushing thru the earth.

There are new beginnings everywhere.

There is a feeling of freshness in the air.

Spring is bursting forth with joy.


      The Old Steam Engine.

The old steam engine roars down the track,

Black smoke pouring from its stack.

Clicketty-clack rattles its wheels.

As the engine pulls its load with zeal.


Cattle grazing along the rail line,

Lift their heads as this noisy monster

Invades their peaceful pastures,

Then lower their heads and munch again.


Children playing along the way,

Wave and call out a cheery gday.

Farmers working in the fields,

Lift their hats with a friendly wave.


The whistle blows as it nears a town,

Letting them know she was on her way.

With a squeal of brakes she stops

Passengers jump off onto the platform


Once again the whistle blows,

And the conductor calls all aboard

People run out and jump into the carriages,

Slamming the doors behind them.


There is a mournful sound to the whistle to day

As with a rattle and a roar shes off again.

As a new engine has been designed.

To take her place on this line.


The old steam engine roars down the track.

Many years she has been on this line.

But now after a job well done,

She is heading for her final resting place.

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The hot sun blazes out of a brazen sky,

Burning the dusty earth beneath.

Heat vapours rise from the ground,

Creating little mirages everywhere.

A hot breeze blows across the land,

Willy-willys chase each other

     Across the barren fields

Not a blade of grass as far as the eye can see.

A few lean cattle, resting in the shade

Of a patch of dying trees.

The house is silent, all shades drawn,

Trying to keep the heat out.

Dogs sheltering under the veranda.

Panting with the heat.

The hens roosting in their pen

Look wiltered all ready to drop.

There hasnt been rain for a long, long time.

And nary a rain cloud in sight.

Oh! Why wont this terrible drought end,

Before it breaks the hearts of men.



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