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Some more of my poems

Flowers of Love.

Jesus, the gardener, plants a seed,
A seed of love, in our hearts,
He nurtures it with love and care.
A shoot appears, then some buds,
Then the flowers of love open up,
And in the fullness of time,
Blossom into full bloom.


Believe in God for He is there.
He surrounds us everywhere.
He is in everything around us.
He is in the air we breath.
He is in the sunshine that shines upon us.
He is in the rain that falls upon the earth.
Listen to His voice in the wind.
In the roar of the ocean waves.
Hear His voice in the song of the birds.
Hear it in the sounds of the animals.
Hear it in the thunder on a stormy night.
Hear it in the gentle whisper of a breeze.
Look around, and everywhere
You will see, evidence of God
Whenever you stop and listen,
You will hear evidence of God.
But best of all believe
That God is within us.

Each New Day

When I wake each morning to a new day,
I look to you Lord to show me the way.
Take my hand Lord and be my constant guide,
To steer my steps on the right path.
I need you my Lord to cleanse my heart and mind,
Of any impurities or wrong thoughts.
Let your light shine on me all through the day.

Gods Garden.

There is a beautiful garden somewhere
Where roses in all their colourful splendour
Grow in great profusion, their perfume blending
With the scent of carnations of every colour
There are daffodils shining in the sunlight
Pansies lifting up their faces to the light
Lovely white lilies standing in their purity
The little violets hiding under the bushes
Patients growing along the borders
The noble delphiniums standing tall
Daisies, Sweet Alice and many many more
This is Gods flower garden where
Flowers of every kind grow together
In peace and harmony.

The Dilapidated Cottage.

We came upon it suddenly,
While walking in the bush one day,
On the edge of a clearing,
A dilapidated cottage.
An old man sat on a bench outside,
A mangy dog at his feet.
He smiled a toothless smile at us.
As we hesitantly approached,
An old woman appeared at the door,
She waved and beckoned us in.
Come have some lunch with us
Reluctantly we entered, not knowing what to expect.
Imagine our surprise at what met our eyes,
That cottage was beautiful inside.
And what a splendid banquet was on the table.
We sat and feasted like kings,
And were merrily entertained.
When leaving that clearing
With the dilapidated cottage,
We remembered that we should not
Judge, what is on the outside,
But as God does, what is within

Open The Door

Sitting in my room, feeling lost and alone
Heard a knocking, but theres nobody there
I hear whispering, but theres nobody here.
There it is again, why, its inside my head
Im going crazy, I thought to myself.
There it is again, clearer this time.
You say you are God, speaking to me
Then why dont you speak louder so I can hear?
You say you have been knocking to get my attention
How long, God have you been trying?
All my life, you say, but why, Im nobody
You say everybody is somebody to you.
Why can I hear you now God and not before?
You say I have come to the last of myself now
Am I willing to come to you?
Yes God! Oh yes! I am, I will

Can You Hear

Can you hear the voice of God,
In the songs of the birds of the air.
Can you hear the voice of God,
In the ripple of water over stones.
Can you hear the voice of God,
In the crash of waves on the shore.
Can you hear the voice of God,
In the whistle of wind through trees.
Can you hear the voice of God,
In the laughter of children.
Can you hear the voice of God
in the still of the night.
You may hear the voice of God,
In all of these places.
If you just listen carefully.

The Truest Friend of All

A true friend is someone who is there for you.
Someone you can rely on always.
A true friend can always be trusted,
To be there when you call on them.
A true friend will never forsake you,
When danger looms ahead.
A true friend will always support you,
When you need lifting up.
A true friend will always be by your side,
When you are feeling lonely.
We have a friend who is all of this,
Jesus is His name.

A Walk With Jesus

Moonlight shines on the waters surface.
Small waves ripple on the shore.
The sound of night birds up above.
Two figures walking along the beach,
Heads bent close together.
One speaks in a quiet voice,
The other listens in rapt attention.
What words does the one speak,
That holds the others fascination
Words of wisdom, life and love.
You and I can hear those words,
At any time at any place.
If we would have it so.
For the ONE is Jesus our Lord

Picking Petals From A Daisy

He loves me
Yes Jesus loves me,
For the Bible tells me so.
He loves me not:
Not because I deserve it
It is just so.
He loves me:
In spite of all my flaws
And failings
He loves me not:
But not some of the things
I may do
He loves me;
This wonderful truth helps me
through each day
He loves me not:
Nothing can separate me
from the love of Jesus
Just one more petal to go
It makes me happy to know
He loves me

You Are

You are the light that shines my way
When I stumble in the dark.
Yours is the voice that whispers to me
words of wisdom and encouragement
Yours is the hand that guides me
When the right path I am seeking
You are the hope that springs eternal
When things are looking gloomy
You are the music in my heart
That sings songs of joy
You are the love that surrounds me
With love and care
You are my God.

I See I Hear I Walk

I see
With failing eyesight
I see
The light of Jesus
I hear
Not with diminishing hearing
But with my heart
I hear
The words of Jesus
I love you
Follow me
I walk
Albeit it with stumbling steps
I walk

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