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A Cat Story

T.C (The Cat)
A story of a cats first day at a new home


                                                         (The Cat)

                                                                    By Doreen Robinson


    T.C was a city cat and when his people move to a farm his eyes popped when he saw the expanse of open country.

   "I dont know whether I am going to like it here," he thought to himself.

     T.C was shut up inside his first night so he wouldnt run away.

     Next morning when he was fed a put outside, he yawned, looked around then sat in a spot of warm sunshine and groomed himself.

    When he was finished he thought to himself, well may as well have a look around the place.

    Mewing, he walked across the grass and rounding a shed came face to face with a large, frightening looking creature.

    T.Cs fur stood up along his back, he swished his tail and hissed.

     The cow, the large creature, never having seen a cat before, took one look at T.C and turned tail and ran.

     "Well", though TC, fancy a big thing like that running from me, he felt rather proud of himself.

      Maybe this wont be such a bad place to live after all.

     Strutting a little further he came to a pen with some large white birds in them, he walked up and looked in.

    One of the birds walked over to TC, he looked at her and asked, What are you?

     "I am a white leghorn," she clucked, haughtily," what are you?"

     "I am a cat and my name is TC," answered TC, "what is your name?"

     The hen looked at TC, hmmm, well I dont actually have a name.

     Just then a big rooster walked up to where they were.

     "This is TC, he is a cat," clucked the hen.

     "Well! Mr TC, this is my pen and these are my hens, so you can just push off."

     The rooster crowed.

     TC walked away, "unfriendly creatures I must say," he thought.

     Head and tail held high TC walked a little further surveying his new domain, he then saw another one of the large creatures he had seen before, it had his head down eating.

     TC walked up to it and hissed.

     The creature looked up at TC, put his head down pawed the ground.

     "Uhuh thought TC, this one doesnt seem to be frightened of me" and he turned and ran with the bull charging after him.

     TC ran to the house as fast as his short legs would carry him.

     "Thank goodness that creature can't get under the fence," panted TC as he reached the veranda.

      Feeling a little tired after his busy morning, TC hopped into his basket and went to sleep.

     Later that afternoon, TC woke and thought he would go for another walk, avoiding that large bull.

     Seeing some small creatures running around on the slope of a hill he went to have a look at them

     Hmmmm," he sniffed, "they smell good." he started chasing them but the rabbits where too fast for him, he was just about to give up when a small one ran in front of him and he pounced and with one snap of his jaw, killed it.

     Feeling hungry TC took the dead kitten back to the house and sitting under the veranda ate till his stomach was full.

    "I'll take the rest to my lady and show her how clever I am."

    Dragging what was left of the carcase into the house he dropped it at the feet of his lady.

    "Eeeek," she screamed, "a dead rabbit, take that disgusting thing away."

     TC, feeling rather offended picked up his offering and took it away.

      "Some gratitude," he thought, "I bring her a gift and she rejects it."

      With a full stomach and feeling he had had quite a day TC went to his basket and settled down for the night.

     "Think I am going to like my new home after all," was his last thought as he fell asleep.

                                                              The End