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The Stompy Family

                                 The Stompys

                                                        By Doreen Robinson.


In a cosy little hole, on the side of a wooded hill, lived the strangest little creatures you would ever see.

They had little round bodies with short fat legs and big flat feet, long thin arms with three fingers.

A little round head on a very short neck sat on top of the body, the head could swivel right round.

On top of the head was a little tuff of hair.

They had little pointed ears but their hearing was very good, a pointed nose and a pointed mouth. Their eyes were large and round which enabled them to see a long way.

The whole body was a motley green colour even the little tuff on top of the head.

The only part that wasnt green was the eyes and they were red.

These little creatures were called Stompys, the reason for this was because they didnt walk they stomped everywhere they went.

There was Dadda Stompy, Mumma Stompy and four little Stompys, two males, one named Willy and one named Wally, two females, one named Donna and the other was Curly she was called Curly because the little tuff on the top of her hear was curly.

Dadda Stompy was only about eighteen inches tall, Mumma was a little shorter and the children were between nine and twelve inches tall.

Every morning and evening Dadda Stompy, with his little fishing line would stomp off to the little stream that ran through the gully at the bottom of their hill to catch fish, he was a very good fisherman and always brought some fish home for their meal.

Now the Stompys would eat other food like berries, nuts and fruit but they just loved fish.

The Stompys were happy little creatures they played in their little place in the woods all day.

One day Dadda Stompy warned the young ones never to go to the top of the hill, as it was very dangerous.

When Willy asked his father why, Dadda Stompy told him he might be seen.

It is said that if anyone caught a glimpse of one of these little creatures it would bring you luck but you

had to be very quick because in spite of their funny shape they could move like a flash.

One day curiosity got the better of the young ones and feeling adventurous they crept to the top of their hill and looked down the other side into the valley below.

Down below they saw the strangest and most frightening looking creatures they had ever seen.

They were ordinary people but to the Stompys they looked very strange and frightening indeed.

They shivered with fright and ran back to the safety of their home.

When they told their parents, Dadda Stompy told them they were very naughty and must never go up there again.

      Wouldnt you like to see one of those funny little green creatures, I would.


                                                          The End


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