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Pray For The Possible

Instead of wishing for the impossible,
Pray for the possible.
Remembering that to God,
All things are possible.

Instead of wishing on a star,
Pray to God the Father.
Remembering that, He placed
The stars where they are.

Dont put your hopes on useless wishing,
For wishes are but dead words.
Put your hopes in Jesus,
Who answers all our prayers.

These Are The Times .

Why do I have to go through
So much suffering and pain?
Why do I have to suffer so
Lord, please help me to understand.
"These are the times," says He,
"When your thoughts turn to me,
When I get your whole attention,
And I can teach you to know me."
.Why do I spend so much time
In wilderness and deep valleys?
"These are the places," Says He,
When the lessons learned are deepest"
So dont despair when these things happen,
They are all part of the growing process,
Of becoming the person in Christs image,
The person God wants us to be.

Pathway of Suffering

I walked the pathway of suffering
The paths of sickness and pain
I walked the way of depression,
Walked down it again and again
I walked these terrible pathways,
Crying out in deep despair.
Is there anyone who can help me,
Is there anyone to even care.
Then came the revelation,
There is one who cares for me,
Who loves me beyond compare
Yes the Lord is his name.
So I called on the name of the Lord,
Out of the darkness of the night.
Now I walk on different pathways
In the kingdom of his light


What can I do when I feel so alone?
What can I do when pain isolates me?
What can I do when I have missed the way?
What can I do when life seems barren?
What can I do when I have lost all hope?
What can I do when friends are all gone?
What can I do when I am empty inside?
What can I do to fill that empty space?
Whats that you say, turn to God.
Yes thats what I will do.

The Broken Wall
In sickness pain and depression,
I felt unloved and rejected,
Thinking myself unloved and unlovable,
I turned away from those I loved.
I built a wall around myself,
A wall of stone so safe and secure,
To keep out the hurts and rejections,
I imagined others tossed at me.
Secure behind this wall, I was the one,
Who was hurting those who loved me.
There I would have stayed, sunk in self-pity,
If my Lord had not spoken to me,
"I have broken down that wall " he said
"And trampled it to dust"
So you are free once more to love and trust. ******************************************

Eye Of The Storm .

When in the midst of trouble,
Dont scuttle about in confusion,
Looking for an answer,
From those who cannot help.
Look instead to Jesus,
For He is always there,
And his promise to us is,
He will always be with us,
In the center of the storm.

Lost and Found
(This was based on a dream I had)
I was lost in a strange city
without memory of arriving.
I wandered around blindly,
Bewildered and in a daze,
Through streets wide and narrow,
Looking to me like a maze.
I asked the people around me,
If they could help me please,
As I was lost and afraid,
And could not find my way.
But nobody seemed to know or care,
Which was the right way for me.

It seemed like hours I wandered,
Until I reached a quiet place.
The streets were quiet and shaded.
Not another person in sight.
Then I saw a man standing alone.
Walking up to him I asked,
Sir can you help me please?
Smiling, he spoke my name and said.
"My child look up and straight ahead"
I looked up and saw, straight and true
Like a stream of pure light, THE WAY.

What Jesus Means to Me

I would like to share with you
What Jesus means to me
He is my Saviour, my Lord, my God.
In my life He reigns supreme,
Without Him I would be nothing,
My life would have no meaning.
Putting Jesus first in everything,
Makes life so much brighter.

Jesus comforts me in sorrow.
He strengthens me when I am weak.
When temptation comes my way,
He gives me the power to overcome.
He forgives me for my past mistakes
And gives me courage to face today
He is my ever present help
And my hope for times to come

It fills my heart with joy and delight,
Just to be alive in Christ
It gives me peace and contentment
To rest trustfully in his care
I love my Lord with all my heart
He means everything to me
For he loved me so very much
He gave his life for me.

A Winner in Christ

When some trouble fall on you
Dont let it get you down
Imagine it as a ball
Climb atop of it and roll

If some burdens come upon you
Dont let them make you stoop
Think of them as wings
Put them on and fly

If strife makes you tremble
And sink in the river of life
Imagine it as a sailboat
Jump aboard and skim along.

Troubles, burdens and strife,
God has given us the power,
To overcome them all.
To be a winner in Christ.

The Eyes of Jesus

When I look into the eyes of Jesus
Those beautiful, loving eyes
So full of warmth and compassion
I feel myself pulled into them
And, floating like a feather
I fall deeper ever deeper
Down into the very heart
Of the One who is all love.

Bring Them to Jesus

When some little happening,
begins to make you jittery
Take time out to calm yourself
and ask Jesus to help

When wandering thoughts distract
your attention while praying
Gather them in like straying sheep
and place them before Jesus

His loving concern for us,
covers every part of our life
So whether they be large or small
Bring all your troubles to Jesus

Days Beginning

Dewdrops on the silken petals
Shining in the morning sun
All Gods creatures begin astirring
Another day has begun

Sweet are the songbirds greetings
For the morn that is breaking
Lilting are the heartstrings mine
For the day of Gods making.


Surrender yourself to God
Surrender in sheer delight
Abandon your selfish ways
And walk in his light

Renew yourself in God
Be renewed from within
Become a thing of beauty
Forgiven for your sin

Accept the love of God
Be filled from above
Let his love flow through you
To others who need some love.

Doer Of The Word

I delight in your word my Lord,
I meditate on your word my Lord,
I chew each word finely,
Then let it into my system,
To motivate and energize me,
To be an active doer,
Of your every word my Lord.

Out Of The Storm

Do not be afraid, our Lord says to us,
When the road ahead is dark and bleak.
I will never leave nor forsake you, says He
I will show you the way, whenever you need
To find the light in the storms of life.
Do not be afraid, I am the light.
Open your eyes and heart,
And follow me out of the storm.

Decision Time

There must come a time in our life,
To give up all rights to ourselves,
The right to control our own life.
There must come a time to make a decision,
To hand the keys of our life to Jesus.
We must come before the cross,
Humbly, with open heart and mind,
And ask Him to takes us,
And reign as King of our life,
And Master of our soul.


We must be careful of the words we speak,
We must choose our words carefully.
For words once spoken, cannot be recalled.
One wrong word can pierce like an arrow,
The wound may never be healed.
So please think carefully, before uttering
Something hurtful or unkind.
A kind word can be healing.
Can be like ointment on a wound.
So choose your words carefully,
When speaking at any time

Have You Ever.

Have you ever watched eagles flying high above
And felt your spirit soaring with them
Have you ever listened to a chorus of birds
And felt your heart fill a song of joy.
Have you ever watched a colourful sunset
And felt in awe at the beauty of it.
Have you ever looked at a new born baby
And felt wonder at the miracle of new birth
Have you ever looked at a rainbow after rain
And felt at peace because of Gods promise
Have you ever listened to childrens laughter
And felt laughter bubbling within you
Have you ever looked at the stars at night
And marvelled at Gods wonderful creation
Whatever you may hear or see or feel
Whatever fills us with the joy of living
We can give thanks and praise
To Almighty God our Saviour and Lord.

Happiness Is

Happiness is: listening to your childrens happy laughter
as they play in the garden
Happiness is: Looking at your new born baby
as it lies asleep in your arms.
Happiness is: Going home to a loving family
after a hard days work.
Happiness is: sitting in front of a roaring fire,
on a cold winters night.
Happiness is: sharing a peaceful time
with family and friends.
Happiness is: having true friends,
who are always there for you.
Happiness is: knowing you are loved,
by the one you love.
But the greatest happiness of all is:
Knowing that you are loved by God
And that His love is unconditional.

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