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Just Poems

Just More Poems

This poem is dedicated to a very good friend

There is a woman that I know
Whose heart is as big as forever
When I want a friendly chat
I go along and visit her.
When she greets me at the door
She makes me feel Im just the one
That she has been waiting for
Come in, come in, she says
With a large welcome smile
Sit down and have a cuppa
Out comes the cups and tea and cake
And what a lovely chat we have
The times fly by so very fast
When in such happy company
I feel so warm and welcome there
It fills me with an inner glow
And when the time comes to leave
It is with reluctance that I go
As she walks me to the door
Come again is her parting call


Lying on my back on the soft green grass,
Watching the clouds roll by
Watching them being shaped by the wind,
Forming pictures, constantly being changed.
There are some dark horses, prancing about,
With their manes flying about in the breeze.
Theres a mans face with a long white beard.
Now its a lions heard, looking fierce.
A gust of wind and the pictures change.
Theres turrets of a castle, with banners flying.
Now a ship with sails billowing in the wind.
It makes me quiver with delight,
As my imagination takes me traveling,
Sailing in ships to far away places,
With many exciting things to see.
Oh! What a shame the clouds have gone,
Time to pack up and head for home.

The Return

Light danced in her blue eyes
Twinkling like stars in the sky
As she sat watching the fire burn
Dreaming of her beloveds return

A letter had come in the mail that day
To let her know he was on his way
Many homecomings thered been in the past
But this time was to be the last.

Back and forth her happy thought ran
Of the deep love she had for her man
It had grown and deepened over the years
Through all the partings and many tears

But now his wandering days were done
Hes coming home, her thoughts run
Coming home to make her his wife
To be together for the rest of their life.

A Peaceful Scene

Tall straight trees, surround the campsite.
Smoke drifts from the fire beside the tent.
A man sits on a log waiting for the billy to boil,
He lifts his head to listen to a birds morning call.
A beam of light shines through the morning mist,
Highlighting the peace and serenity of the scene.
Morning On A Farm

A rooster crows his welcome to the morning,
As the sun shows his bright face over the horizon.
The sound of cows bellowing, comes from the farmyard,
As they wait for the farmer to milk them.
Children laugh as they run barefoot on the grass.
An aroma of frying bacon arises from the kitchen
As the farmers wife cooks the family breakfast.
So begins another day on a farm.

In memory of many happy days at the beach
A Day at the Beach

Waves washed around the mans feet,
As he cast the line into the water,
His mind set on the big one,
That he is hoping to catch today.
Seagulls screech as they fly overhead,
Then swoop to tease a dog on the beach.
The dog chases the seagulls with glee,
With nary a chance of catching one,
But nevertheless happy in his pursuit.
Children playing at the waters edge,
Join in the chase with happy laughter.
The mother smiles as she watches,
Her heart filled with love and contentment.

I couldn't sleep one night and these words buzzed
round in my head, I had to get up and write them down,
then I was able to get to sleep.

That Elusive Sleep
Sleep, sleep, whereart thou sleep.
I lie in my bed yearning,
For that elusive thing sleep.
My eyelids droop, at last,
But no, wide awake again.
Yawn, yawn, oh me, oh my,
Sand in my eye.
Seems like hours dragging by.
Nodding, nodding
Yawwwwn, yaaazzzzzzz
Goodness gracious! Its morning
Wow! At last, I slept.

A River
It begins in the catchment area,
On the mountain tops above,
And travels down the slopes
To the valley below.
On the journey downward
It rushes over high rocky crops
And falls over with a mighty roar,
Into turbulent pools below.
It wends its way further down
Through banks high and low

Through forests it will wind its way,
Shadows making it look mysterious.
Through green fields it steadily moves
From its banks, thirsty animals drink
Through towns and villages it moves on
Moving sometimes fast sometimes slow
As it continues on to its destiny below
And so it goes wending its way
Singing its watery traveling song
Sometimes happy sometimes somber
Reaching at last the open sea.
The river

Journeys End
A dirt track meanders through
A forest of tall gum trees
Early morning sun shines through
The canopy of leaves
A chorus of birds singing
Fills the morning air
Theres a sound of buzzing bees
As they collect nectar from the blossoms
The raucous laughter of kookaburras
Greets the new day
An old man appears on the track
Leading his trusty old horse
His faithful dog following behind
The old mans eyes are shining
A look of happiness on is face.
As he talks to his old mates
We have traveled his country far and wide
Seen some wonderful places
But none so beautiful
As that which is at the end of this track
Our journeys end

Dirt Road. Not gum trees but the best I could get

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