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poems added later

A moth,fluttering and flying,
Dazzled by the light of a candle,
Hits the flame and dies.
And I, drawn to the light of Christ,
Drawn to the light of love,
Throw myself into the flame,
And die, yes die to self.
Then from the flame of Christ,
I rise to live a new life,
A life living in the light of Christ.

A.B.C. of Life
A is for angels, who brought the message of the birth of a baby.
B is for Bethlehem, the town where the child was born
C is for Christ, the child born that night
D is for delighted, in this birth we can be.
E is for example, his life will be to those who follow him
F is for faith, a gift from God we receive through Christ.
G is for gentle, is Christ among us, we will find rest in Him
H is for hands, in His our Lord holds us, He will not let us go.
I is for image, of the invisible God Christ is.
J is for joyful, we can be in knowing Christ our Saviour.
K is for kindness, which he shows us unfailingly.
L is for light, which shines from Jesus to show us the way.
M is for mountains, which he helps us to climb, if we have faith in Him.
N is for needy, the Lord hears them when they cry out in their need.
O is for opportunity, make the most of these to do good.
P is for presence, yours fills us with joy and pleasure.
Q is for quiet, the gentle and quiet spirit which has great worth in Gods sight.
R is for redeemed, Christ has paid the price for out redemption.
S is for sanctify, we are sanctified by the truth of your word.
T is for throne of grace, which we can approach with confidence to receive mercy.
U is for unity, our aim is to live in perfect unity with others.
V is for value, our reward in heaven is greater than any earthly treasure.
W is for the living water of the Holy Spirit, which will quench our thirst
X is for exalt , this we do to our Lord Jesus Christ
Y is for His yoke, which if we take upon we will find rest for our souls
Z is for zealous, be zealous for Christ and give glory to God always.