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All my poems were inspired by the Holy Spirit
and I give all the glory to God

Ringing Liberty Bell

Life Is Beautiful.

Bells ringing inside my head?
No! The alarm beside my bed.
Come on sleepyhead open your eyes,
Wake up, it's time to rise.
Look outside it's a lovely day,
Quick get up be on your way.
Don't waste time, enjoy every minute,
Life is beautiful, delight in it.
The Crossroads.
Standing at the crossroads
Wondering which way to go.
I moved towards the first one,
It looked so fair and pleasant.
But a tugging at my heart told me
This was the wrong way for me.
I moved towards the next road,
It looked so good to me.
With the sun shining on its surface,
But again I felt the tugging in my heart,
That this was not the way to go.
I moved on to the next road,
This looked the better way,
Splendid trees and pleasant gardens,
Growing along the way.
This must be the way I thought,
But no, again I felt that tug,
This was not the road for me.
I moved towards the last road,
It looked so straight and narrow,
With valleys and hills along the way.
I stepped onto it with trepidation,
But the minute that I did,
I felt a peace within my heart,
Telling me this was the way,
This was Gods way.
The best way for me.

Walking With Jesus.

In a dream I saw myself,
Walking along a moonlit path,
My hand in the hand of Jesus.
I listened to him with eagerness,
As he spoke of many things.
My heart burned within me,
As I listened to his words.
For every word he spoke,
Was food and drink to me.
When he told me he loved me,
My heart leapt with joy.
He asked me to love him,
And to show him that I do,
I must obey his every command.

Draw Closer To God.

When the sun is shining brightly,
And our life is running smoothly,
We find it easy to smile and be pleased,
To praise and give thanks to God.
But when clouds begin to gather,
And our life looks grim and bleak,
We begin to grumble and complain,
And blame God when things go wrong.
It is when clouds are at their darkest,
That we should draw closer to God.
For he is the silver lining in every cloud,
The light in the center of our world.

A Butterfly. (Psa.22:6)

"Lord" Said I "I am a worm,
a lowly crawling worm"
But, "No" said he, "Not a worm
a catapillar.
Then pictiured inside my head, I saw
Emerging from a caterpillar,
A butterfly.

A Cross Shaped Doorway.

There is a cross shaped doorway,
Which we may enter through.
With a torn curtain tossed aside,
Which no longer blocks our way.
We enter but once through this door,
The doorway of the cross.
For Jesus, the sacrificial lamb,
Died but once for all.
Dying To Self.

A moth, fluttering and flying,
Dazzled by the light of a candle,
Hits the flame and dies.
And I, drawn to the light of Christ,
Drawn to the light of love,
Throw myself into the flame,
and die, yes die to self.
Then from the flame of Christ,
I rise to live a new life.
A life in the Light of Christ.
A Quiet Place

It could be found in the corner
of a pleasant garden
Or on the bank of a rippling stream.
It could be found in the shade
of a green wood
Or on the top of a high mountain.
It could be found in the desolation
of a wilderness,
Or in the beauty of a green valley,
It could be found in the midst
of a noisy crowd
It could be found anywhere,
That quiet place to spend time with God.

His Rightful Place

There is a Christ shaped space
In the heart of every person,
Many things have been tried,
To fill that space inside,
Self, most frequently of all.
We search the world for something,
To give us desired inner peace,
But make no mistake dear friends,
There will be no peace at all,
Till Jesus takes His rightful place.

A Beautiful Place

Rising early morning before the sun,
I see the mists in the valley,
Shining like a silver sea,
Oh what a lovely sight to see
Then as the sun begins to rise
I receive a delightful surprise,
For the mists begin to glow
What a glorious sight to behold
As the sun rises higher
The mists begin to lift
Revealing a beautiful green valley
That was hidden below
Thank you O gracious God
For this place I call home

The Best Things

Dancing in the fire light
Dazzled by the fire bright
I cried, when I singed my wings
How can I fly to better things
There came a voice from within
With advice on how to win
Fly away from the deadly fires
Of earthly pleasures and desires
Fly into the heavenly light
That shines from Jesus
Lord of the best things.

Expressing My Love

Wondering how my love to express
I heard that inner voice speak
Love me with your heart and spirit
Let your spirit loose
To swoop and swirl and soar
Let your imagination
Expand the dimension
The love you have for me
Let your spirit loose
And like a silken veil in the wind
Dancing and whirling in gay abandon
Your spirit will fly higher and higher
With the love that I desire.

Soar Like the Eagles.

One morning, feeling tired and weary,
I saw a pair of eagles flying high.
I remembered the promise the Lord made
That those who hope in Him,
Will have their strength renewed
And soar like an eagle on the wing.
I let my heart in trust and hope,
Soar like the eagles up above.
I was released from all weariness,
And strengthened for the day ahead.

Pleasant Ways to Spend a Day.

Sailing boats skimming along the water,
Colourful sails billowing in the breeze,
Dipping and leaping through the swelling waves.
Happiness showing on smiling faces.

Sitting on the grassy banks of a river,
Watching a fishing line drifting slowly,
Sleepily wondering if a fish would take the bait.
Yet not really caring one way or the other.

When the hassles of life furrow your brow
And anxieties begin to get you down
Take time to spend some way
Relaxing in Gods wonderful creation.

Rolling hillside

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