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A Quiet Place


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Stories From My Life


Bobbi and Me
Bert and I owned a small grazing property .
One day Bert found a calf which had been abandoned by its mother, it was only about 2 or 3 days old, he brought it back and gave it to our daughter Elizabeth, who was living with us at the time, to raise.
Elizabeth named the calf Bobbi and taught it to suck and drink out of a bucket.
Bobbi became a pet, that is to everyone except me, it wasnt that I didnt like her but as she grew older she formed the habit of lowering her head and butting everyone who came near her, you had to be agile to get out of her way, and I wasnt agile.
I have rheumatoid arthritis and not very steady or quick on my feet, so if Bobbi spotted me and attacked somebody had to come to my rescue. I think somehow Bobbi sensed my fear of her.
While Bobbi was small and needed looking after, she was kept in the house yard, but when she was big enough she was put out into the big paddock with the other cattle but she always hung around close to the house yard.
Our car was always left outside the house yard, so if wanted to go to it I would have to get someone to keep Bobbi away from me.
One day when we had all been out in the car, everybody got out and went inside leaving me to follow along behind slowly.
I was about 2m. from the gate when Bobbi shot out from the blue with her head down heading straight for me, she just grazes along my thigh and put me off balance, I managed to totter to the gate and hang on yelling for someone to come and help. Chris, Elizabeths husband, came out and grabbed Bobbi and held her until I got inside the gate.
On several occasions when I was getting into the car , Bobbi would turn up out of the blue and almost get into the car with me in her efforts to get at me. I would have to hold her head away and call someone for help.
One day, when I was on my own and had to go in to town, I was walking up to the gate , when I noticed Bobbi standing near the fence about 6m. from the gate watching me. I knew that once outside the gate Bobbi would reach me before I could reach the car so I turned round and went back to the house.
I was quite scared of that heifer, she was about three quarters grown so quite big. If she hit me my bones, being quite fragile because of the arthritis, could easily break or if she knocked me to the ground, I would be unable to get up and be at her mercy for hours before someone came home.
I was sitting in the kitchen watching Bobbi, who hadnt moved, when I heard some words from Scripture: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them,(Bobbi) for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. (Deut.31:6)
Picking up my bag and trusting God to protect me, I walked up to the gate opened it and went through, closed it, walked to the drivers side of the car and got in, watching Bobbi out of the corner of my eye all the time.
The minute I sat down, Bobbi, who had been watching me all this time, sprang, as if from a catapult and headed straight for me, but by this time I was safely in the car with the door closed so she shook her head at me as if to say next time. And walked off. Praise God.

                                   How God Healed Me.  

It was a cold wet day early in April, II had just turned eleven

I went to school and the first lesson of the day was sewing; the class was held in a large room with an open fireplace. The sewing teacher told a couple of the girls to light a fire, to warm the room. When the fire had being going for a while and all the other girls were warm, I complained of still being cold.

       The teacher told me not to be silly; I started to cry and told her I felt sick, she thought I was faking.                

      When I continued to cry and shiver she told a couple of the other girls to take me home 

      I do not remember anything about getting home, but I was told, I had no sooner got in the back door than I collapsed.

      Mum sent for the doctor and he told her I had pneumonia. My Aunty Valerie came over from Georgica to help Mum look after me.

      I was very sick and after about a week, the doctor told Mum there was nothing more he could do for me, that I was in the hands of God. As he was about to leave he remembered some sample tablets he had received that morning, he gave them to Mum and told her to try them. They were sulpanilamide, I think.

      Mum gave me the tablets and I am here to tell the tale. Mum always said God had healed me.      

      I am sure it was God who had those tablets arrive at the doctors rooms that morning and that He prompted the doctor to put them in his bag and then to remember them as he was leaving our house.

     I believe that once we are in Gods hands He watches over us always.


                                    Our Camping Holiday.

One Easter we decided to go on a camping holiday to the coast. My husband our 2 children, Peter 3yrs. and Elizabeth 6mths. We left on the Thursday before Good Friday.

When we left home on the west side of the Dividing Ranges it was fine but when we reached the foothills it was raining and the further up the range we went the heavier it got.

It was the Oxley highway we were on but it was a dirt road and it became a muddy road.

When we reached the top of the Dividing Range where there was a timber mill the road was all stirred up from the big timber trucks, there were deep ruts in the road from there large wheels.

Our wheels got caught in one of these ruts and we couldnt get out, it took us to the very edge of the road. I looked out my window and could only see down, down, down could not see to the bottom is was so far down. My heart was in my mouth but the ruts took us into the centre of the road and we kept going.

When we eventually reached the coast it was still raining. We reached the camping ground and found a spot to pitch our tent and unpack.

We were tired so we had something to eat and went to bed.

Elizabeth woke through the night and when I stepped off the camp bed I stepped into water. I put my torch on a discovered we had about 6ins.of water in the tent.

I shook Bert and told him but he said fix it in the morning and turned over and went back to sleep.

I spent the next 15- 20 mins. raising everything up out of the water, then settled the baby and went back to bed.

In the morning we discovered that in the dim light we had pitched our tent over a 3ft. wide 6in deep water drain and as it was overgrown with grass and didnt have any water in it at the time we didnt notice it.

While other campers stood by laughing we had to move everything out and pull the tent down and pitch it again.

We also discovered that the road over the Ranges had been closed and we were the last vehicle to get through unaided.

It rained right up to the Monday. You may be able to imagine what it was like trying to get nappies dry,

No disposable those days.

A lot of the campers left on the Monday but we stayed till the weekend and had fine weather all the rest of the week.

The highway was still closed so we had to go home a different way.

That was only the second time we went camping and it was the last.

Something we learned about pitching tents: The first time we pitched it Bert had me standing underneath the tent holding the middle pole while he put up the outside poles. It wasnt easy holding that pole.

Then someone told us you put the outside poles up first then the middle one. Well you live and learn.


                                        Washing Day and Other Things

My parents owned the grocery store and post office in a farming community fifteen miles from closest town. It took one hour by car to drive there.

 My parents owned an Essex car, not many of the farmers owned cars most drove a horse and sulky. The car didnt have windows just canvas blinds, with Perspex in the centre that pulled down and hooked to top of door.

We had no electricity or running water.

At the back of the house there was a separate building with a bathroom and laundry.

There was a bathtub in the bathroom, not many people in that district had bathtubs.

When anyone wanted a bath, water had to be heated in big pots on fuel stove and carried to bathroom, usually all the children had a bath in same water just topped up to keep hot.

There were a couple of washtubs in laundry but the copper was outside.

On wash day water had to be carried to the tubs and to the copper, when the copper had boiled and clothes washed they had to be drained and carried to the laundry where they were rinsed.

Any clothes that had to be scrubbed where done on the scrubbing board.

Anyone under forty or maybe even fifty reading this probably doesnt know what a scrubbing board looks like.

Washing day wasnt easy back in those days.

                                         On My Grandparents Farm

       My grandparents owned a dairy farm about a mile from where we lived and I loved to visit them often. Sometimes I would help round up the cows and occasionally I would be allowed to milk one of the quieter cows.

        Sometimes if we where standing near and watching grandfather milking he would tell us to open our mouth and he would squirt milk into it, we would end up with more milk on our face than in the mouth.

       Some days I would I would go into the bottom yard and drive the cows into the top yard where they waited to be put into the stalls to be milked. One day the bull was in the yard with the cows. Although he was usually a quiet bull on this day he must have been in a bad mood, because he started to chase me. I did not notice until someone yelled at me to get out quickly which I promptly did.

       As there was no electricity connected in that district at that time all milking and the separating was done by hand. The milk was poured in to a large vat in a room joining the bails.

        I dont remember exactly how the separator worked. There was a big wheel that had to be turned manually so the milk flowed through the separating equipment. The cream flowed into cream cans and the skimmed milk flowed through pipes into a drum outside and was later fed to the pigs.

    The cream was later taken to the roadside by horse and dray to be picked up and taken into the cream factory in Lismore.

       Grandfather had quite a lot of pigs and I used to go and help feed them sometimes. One time, I was sitting on the fence of the pigsty helping to feed a very big sow that had just had a litter when I fell, almost landing on top of the pigs, Grandfather grabbed me and quickly pulled me out before I was trampled on and hurt.

       Another thing we used to like doing on the farm was feeding the young calves. When they were first taken from their mothers they had to be taught to drink. We would put our hands into the milk and let the calf suck the fingers until they got the hang of drinking without help.

       Sometimes I was allowed to ride one of the horses and I enjoyed that, although I was not a very good rider



                                             Margarets Adventure.

      We had a milking cow that was left the wander where she liked, she would mostly turn up when she was to be milked but sometimes someone would have to go and find her.

       One day when Margaret was about four she disappeared; Mum and Dad and a few of the neighbouring farmers went looking for her. Some of the men went looking in the creek in case she had fallen in. A couple of hours later a man on horseback rode up with Margaret on his lap. He had found her a couple of miles down the road. Mum, was so relieved to see her, grabbed her and smacked her. Margaret looked up at Mum and said, I did go for the cow Mummy.



                                       The Horse Ride.

When I was about seventeen I went to stay with an Aunty in a small country town.

One day my cousin, Bonnie, suggested we go for a horse ride.

Now, I could ride a horse but not very well but bonnie was a good rider so she rode her brothers horse and I rode her horse that was much quieter.

I dont remember the horses name but I will call him Buddy

After a few hours riding and enjoying ourselves we headed home.

Bonnie suggested we take a short cut through a friends paddock, which we did.

A short distance into the paddock Buddy suddenly took off at a gallop, I hung on for dear life.

I saw a fence and gate looming up ahead of me and wondered what would happen.

Just before arriving at the gate Buddy stopped suddenly, I nearly flew over the horses head.

Bonnie came galloping up beside me all flustered, she told me that when riding home that way she would usually let Buddy have his head and they would jump the gate and she was worried he was going to do it with me on his back.

Buddy must have realised he had an inexperienced rider on his back so didnt attempt the jump.

Bonnie opened the gate and we rode through and rode home rather subdued.

I was rather saddle sore the next day.


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