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A Quiet Place


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Page #14

Inspirational Poems


 The Man

 He grew as a little child among the people.

Just like an ordinary child.

He grew to manhood among mankind

Just like and ordinary man.

For his time had not yet come.


He worked with his hands, a carpenter.

Just like an ordinary man.

No distinguishing features had he

Just like an ordinary man.

For his time had not yet come.


But he was a man among men

Not an ordinary man.

He was a man of authority

The authority from God

When His time had come.


This man, Jesus was His name,

Not an ordinary man.

When his time had come.

He shook the world

He was no ordinary man

Jesus the Son of God.



  Look To Jesus

When you move towards a goal in life

And there seems nothing but trouble ahead.

You feel too weak to continue

That you just cant go on.

Dont look at the darkness that surrounds you

Look to Jesus for help instead.

He will see you through

His love will light the way.

Have faith and persevere.

Hope will spring up in your heart

As each new step you take

His strength will lift your spirit

And you will reach that goal

And be ready for the next one.




Come Oh Lord Into My Lfie.

Come oh Lord into my life,

Help me Lord in times of strife.

When I am lost in a fog of pain,

Help me lord to find you again,.


Come oh Lord lift me high,

For relief from struggles I sigh.

When temptation knocks at my door,

Help me Lord them to ignore.


Come oh Lord and be mi light,

And put all my troubles to flight.

When I come to the end of my day,

I thank you Lord for helping me all the way.