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A Quiet Place


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   A Mountain To Climb

I stood at the foot of a mountain,

Looking towards the peak.

It was a long way to the top.

The path was steep and windy

Winding around that high mountain.

I was weary, my heart heavy within

Ill never make it I thought to myself.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder

And heard a voice speaking quietly.

Do not be afraid, I am here,

Take the first step in faith

And I will be beside you all the way

Let go and lean on me,

My strength will enable you

To make it to the top

I felt the weariness leave me

My heart lightened within.

I took that first step in faith

And continued on my way.

Knowing my Lord was with me

To help me reach that far peak.


           Be What You Are

I watched birds flying overhead

And thought how wonderful it would be

To be able to fly like them

To be so free.

I watched dolphins frolicking in the oceans waves

And thought how wonderful it would be.

To be able to swim like them

Swimming far and wide.

I looked at the people around me

And wondered what it would be like

To be as clever and interesting as them

To be able to do what they do.

Then I heard my Lord speak.

Do not desire to be like others

Do not long to have their gifts.

Be who you are,

And follow your own star.



     Look To Jesus

When you move towards a goal in life

And there seems nothing but trouble ahead.

You feel too weak to continue

That you just cant go on.

Dont look at the darkness that surrounds you

Look to Jesus for help instead.

He will see you through

His love will light the way.

Have faith and persevere.

Hope will spring up in your heart

As each new step you take

His strength will lift your spirit

And you will reach that goal

And be ready for the next one.



What is it we hope for?

We hope for salvation,

In the deliverance from sin.

We hope for the freedom

From the curse of the law.

We hope for eternal life,

The God like life, now and future.

We hope for righteousness,

To be right in the sight of God.

We hope to share with Christ,

In the glory of God.

Our hope does not disappoint us,

When we put our trust in God

We have confidence through Jesus,

That God does as He says.

We rejoice in this hope.


My Hearts Sings With Joy.

My heart sings with joy

When I reflect on the Lord

On how much He did for me.

When He died upon the cross.

He died to take my sins away

And freed me from the law.

My heart sings with joy,

To know that He is risen

And still lives today,

And lives forever more.

He blesses me each day

With His presence in my life.

My hear sings with joy.


   Little Children

Let the little children come to me said Jesus.

Let all the children know how much I love them.

In their times of need I will be there for them.

When sorrows make them cry, I will comfort them.

When they are feeling lonely, I will be their friend.

When they are afraid of the dark, I will be their light

When they are sad, I will cheer them up.

When they are weak, I will strengthen them.

When they are weary, I will lift them up.

Let all children come to me; I will be all things to them.

         I am their heavenly Father


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        A Prayer

Strengthen me Lord as I struggle through the day

Help me Lord every step of the way.

Open my eyes Lord and help me to see

The suffering of people around me.

Unstop my ears Lord that I may hear,

The cries of children far and near,

Open my hear Lord that I may heed,

The troubles of people in need.

Help me Lord to be a light,

To shine for people in the night.


          Only One Way

There is only one pathway to salvation,

The path that leads through the cross,

The cross that bore Jesus Christ

Who took all the sins of the world

            Onto Himself.

His body was taken from the cross

And place in an empty tomb

But when the tomb was opened

    He was not there.

An angel told those who came to seek Him

Why do you look for the living among the dead.

        He is risen