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A Quiet Place


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PAGE #11

Inspirational poetry



    The raindrops rejoice,

as they fall upon the thirsty ground.

   The grateful soil rejoices,

 As it soaks up the welcome rain.

     Rejoice, rejoice.

    The sun rejoices

As it shines upon the earth,

Helping to make all things grow

        Rejoice, rejoice.

  The animals rejoice,

As they feed upon the grass.

    The birds rejoice

As they fly above the earth.

       Rejoice, rejoice.

The children of God rejoice

As they bask in the love of God

Let all of Gods creation rejoice.

       Rejoice, rejoice.          




         Joyous Sounds

The sun rises over the horizon,

Dispersing the morning mist.

Sounds of birds calling

Ring out across the land.

How joyful is the sound they make.

Maybe they re inviting us to join

Their joyous praises of their Maker.

Come join us, come join us.

Their calls fill the air.

Praise the King, King of Creation,



           Along Lifes Way

Moonlight sparkles on the water of the lake.

A couple walk hand in hand along the shore.

Their hearts entwined, as were their hands.

Their eyes sparkle in the moonlight.

A smile lingers on their lips.

A light shines from their time worn faces.

Theyd had many ups and downs through the years.

       But their love never failed.

A third person walks with them.

Invisible to others but well known to them.

Hed been with them all through the years,

Their ever present friend and guide.

Through good times and bad,

He was always by their side.

Even when things looked the darkest,

They never lost their faith in Him.

And so together as always

The three continue through the night.

         Along lifes way.



  A Little Girls Prayer.

A little girl kneels beside her bed,

Her hands clasped in prayer.

Please dear Jesus she whispers quietly,

I know I am only small

But my mother tells me

You answer everybodys prayers.

Even one as little as me.

Please bless my mummy and my daddy

And my sisters too.

Bless my nana and my poppa.

My friends and neighbours too.

And dear Jesus my puppy is very sick.

Could you please make her better,

I do love her so.

Thank you Jesus for answering a little girls prayers.

And now I must say goodnight,

I hear my mummy coming, to tuck me into bed.



The Mantle Of Christ.

A young man looked at his new brid

  And said to her

As I watched you walk down the aisle.

Towards me.

A ray of light shone through the door behind you

And cast an aura of light around you,

And with the light of love shining in your eye

You looked beautiful to me

 When God looks at us.

He sees the mantle of Christ around us

And with love for Him shining in our eye,

 We are beautiful to Him.




I woke early Easter morning,

And dressed in my Sunday best,

Walked with my family along the road,

To the little country church.

I sat enthralled listening to the story

Of how Jesus died on the cross

To save me from my sins.

I cried tears of sorrow

When those nails were hammered in

But wept tears of joy

When Jesus was raised from the tomb.

Although only a child

When I first heard the Easter story,

It changed my life forever.


  Our Lord Is Always With Us.

Up a rugged mountain.

Across a barren plain.

Through a tangled jungle.

Across a dry, sandy desert.

No matter where we go.

He is always with us.


Through confusion and weariness.

Through fear and depression.

Through sickness and pain.

Through opression and persecution.

No matter what our difficulties.

He is always with us.



Walking through a fragrant garden.

Listening to the sounds of nature.

Spending time with loving family.

Listening to children happily at play.

Sharing the warmth of friendship.

In our quiet and happy times.

He is always with us.


Through rough and troubled times.

Through good and happy times.

Our lord is always with us.


   The Day of Decision.

She stood on a grassy knoll

And watched the sun setting in the west.

She smiled as she watched.

Her heart was filled with a wonderful peace

A peace she had never felt before.

This day had been a day of joy and gladness.

A day a decision had been made,

A decision that would change her life forever.

For after many troubled years,

On this day she had met Jesus

And surrendered her life to Him.

As the sun finally sank over the horizon

She sank to her knees and prayed,

    A prayer of thanksgiving.


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